Mechanical thrombectomy for large vessel occlusion between 6 and 24 h: outcome comparison of DEFUSE-3/DAWN eligible versus non-eligible patients

Tolga D Dittrich, Peter B Sporns, Lilian F Kriemler, Salome Rudin, Anh Nguyen, Annaelle Zietz, Alexandros A Polymeris, Christopher Tränka, Sebastian Thilemann, Benjamin Wagner, Valerian L Altersberger, Ines Piot, Filip Barinka, Martin Hänsel, Henrik Gensicke, Stefan T Engelter, Philippe A Lyrer, Raoul Sutter, Christian H Nickel, Mira Katan, Nils Peters, Lars Michels, Zsolt Kulcsár, Grzegorz M Karwacki, Marco Pileggi … & Gian Marco De Marchis
Background:The DEFUSE-3 and DAWN trials showed that mechanical thrombectomy (MT) improves the outcome of selected patients with anterior circulation large vessel occlusions (LVO) up to 24 h after stroke onset. However, it is unknown whether only those patients fulfilling the trial inclusion criteria benefit, or whether benefit is seen in a broader range of patients presenting between 6 and 24 h.Aims:We determined whether fulfilling the DEFUSE-3 and DAWN selection criteria affects outcomes in MT patients...
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