The EffecTs of Amlodipine and other Blood PREssure Lowering Agents on Microvascular FuncTion in Small Vessel Diseases (TREAT-SVDs) trial: Study protocol for a randomised crossover trial

Anna Kopczak, Michael S Stringer, Hilde van den Brink, Danielle Kerkhofs, Gordon W Blair, Maud van Dinther, Laurien Onkenhout, Karolina A Wartolowska, Michael J Thrippleton, Marco Duering, Julie Staals, Martin Middeke, Elisabeth André, Bo Norrving, Marie-Germaine Bousser, Ulrich Mansmann, Peter M Rothwell, Fergus N Doubal, Robert van Oostenbrugge, Geert Jan Biessels, Alastair JS Webb, Joanna M Wardlaw & Martin Dichgans
Background:Hypertension is the leading modifiable risk factor for cerebral small vessel diseases (SVDs). Yet, it is unknown whether antihypertensive drug classes differentially affect microvascular function in SVDs.Aims:To test whether amlodipine has a beneficial effect on microvascular function when compared to either losartan or atenolol, and whether losartan has a beneficial effect when compared to atenolol in patients with symptomatic SVDs.Design:TREAT-SVDs is an investigator-led, prospective, open-label, randomised crossover trial with blinded endpoint assessment (PROBE design) conducted...
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