Anterior horn atrophy in the cervical spinal cord: A new biomarker in progressive multiple sclerosis

Charidimos Tsagkas, Antal Huck-Horvath, Alessandro Cagol, Tanja Haas, Muhamed Barakovic, Michael Amann, Esther Ruberte, Lester Melie-Garcia, Matthias Weigel, Simon Pezold, Regina Schlaeger, Jens Kuhle, Till Sprenger, Ludwig Kappos, Oliver Bieri, Philippe Cattin, Cristina Granziera & Katrin Parmar
Background:Spinal cord (SC) gray and white matter pathology plays a central role in multiple sclerosis (MS).Objective:We aimed to investigate the extent, pattern, and clinical relevance of SC gray and white matter atrophy in vivo.Methods:39 relapsing–remitting patients (RRMS), 40 progressive MS patients (PMS), and 24 healthy controls (HC) were imaged at 3T using the averaged magnetization inversion recovery acquisitions sequence. Total and lesional cervical gray and white matter, and posterior (SCPH) and anterior horn (SCAH) areas...
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