Fiber reinforced polypropylene composites interfacial behavior improvement fabricated by cold plasma jet SiOx nanoparticles deposition

Lin Zhang, Zhangchuan Xia, Yadong He, Chunling Xin, Yang Yu, Feng Ren & Ruixue Wang
In this study, cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet was adopted to glass fibers surface modification with tetraethyl orthosilicate as a precursor. To enhance the interfacial bonding forces of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (GFRP) composites, SiOx nanoparticles were polymerized on the fiber surfaces. The effect of two factors (the distance between nozzle and fiber (D) and the treatment time (T)) on the interfacial bonding behavior of GFRP composites was studied. The modified fibers and composites properties,...
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