Validation of the Self-Rating of Biological Rhythm Disorder for Adolescents (SBRDA) Scale by Dim Light Melatonin Onset in Healthy Young Adults

Yang Xie, Xiaoyan Wu, Xingyue Mou, Meng Wang, Shuman Tao, Yuhui Wan & Fangbiao Tao
Understanding the biological rhythms that influence young adult health is vital because the combination of biological changes and a circadian phase delay lead to young adults being at high risk of circadian misalignment. We have previously established a self-rating of biological rhythm disorder for adolescents (SBRDA). However, we did not externally validate the SBRDA against objective measures of biological rhythms such as dim light melatonin onset (DLMO)—the gold standard of the endogenous circadian phase. The...
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