The Long-Term Consequences of Early Life Exposure to Tsunami and Conflict on Adolescents in Sri Lanka

Delan Devakumar, Laura Busert, Manoji Gitanjali Sathiadas, Pushpika Jayawardana, Angela Arulpragasam, Clive Osmond, Caroline H. D. Fall, Jonathan C. K. Wells & V. Pujitha Wickramasinghe
The consequences for adolescent health due to early life exposure to natural disasters combined with war are not known. We collected data from adolescents aged 12-13 years in Sri Lanka whose mothers were pregnant during the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 in a tsunami-affected region (n = 22), conflict-affected region (n = 35), conflict-plus-tsunami-affected region (n = 29), or controls in areas unaffected by either (n = 24). Adjusted BMI-for-age z-scores were 1.3 (95% confidence...
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