Multi-organ impairment and long COVID: a 1-year prospective, longitudinal cohort study

Andrea Dennis, Daniel J Cuthbertson, Dan Wootton, Michael Crooks, Mark Gabbay, Nicole Eichert, Sofia Mouchti, Michele Pansini, Adriana Roca-Fernandez, Helena Thomaides-Brears, Matt Kelly, Matthew Robson, Lyth Hishmeh, Emily Attree, Melissa Heightman, Rajarshi Banerjee & Amitava Banerjee
ObjectivesTo determine the prevalence of organ impairment in long COVID patients at 6 and 12 months after initial symptoms and to explore links to clinical presentation.DesignProspective cohort study.ParticipantsIndividuals.MethodsIn individuals recovered from acute COVID-19, we assessed symptoms, health status, and multi-organ tissue characterisation and function.SettingTwo non-acute healthcare settings (Oxford and London). Physiological and biochemical investigations were performed at baseline on all individuals, and those with organ impairment were reassessed.Main outcome measuresPrimary outcome was prevalence of single-...
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