NFATc2-dependent epigenetic downregulation of the TSC2/Beclin-1 pathway is involved in neuropathic pain induced by oxaliplatin

Meng Liu, Jing-Wen Mai, De-Xing Luo, Guan-Xi Liu, Ting Xu, Wen-Jun Xin, Su-Yan Lin & Zhen-Yu Li
Neuropathic pain is a common dose-limiting side effect of oxaliplatin, which hampers the effective treatment of tumors. Here, we found that upregulation of transcription factor NFATc2 decreased the expression of Beclin-1, a critical molecule in autophagy, in the spinal dorsal horn, and contributed to neuropathic pain following oxaliplatin treatment. Meanwhile, manipulating autophagy levels by intrathecal injection of rapamycin (RAPA) or 3-methyladenine (3-MA) differentially altered mechanical allodynia in oxaliplatin-treated or naïve rats. Utilizing chromatin immunoprecipitation-sequencing (ChIP-seq)...
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