Circ_0000595 knockdown alleviates CoCl2-mediated effects in VSMCs by regulating the miR-582-3p/ADAM10 axis

Huixiong Wang, Hao Wang, Kai Liu & Xiao Qin
BackgroundThoracic aortic aneurysm (TAA) is a serious vascular disease causing the death of elder people. Accumulating studies have reported that circular RNAs (circRNAs) are implicated in the regulation of aortic aneurysms. However, the role of circ_0000595 in the progression of TAA is still unclear.MethodsQuantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) and western blotting were implemented to assess circ_0000595, microRNA (miR)-582-3p, guanine nucleotide-binding protein alpha subunit (ADAM10), PCNA, Bax, and Bcl-2 expression. The proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells...
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