MFE database: Data from ecosystem ecology research by Jones, Solomon, and collaborators on the ecology and biogeochemistry of lakes and lake organisms in the Upper Midwest, USA

Chris Solomon, Stuart Jones, Brian C. Weidel, Brittni Bertolet, Chelsea Bishop, Jim Coloso, Nicola Craig, Colin Dassow, Shuntaro Koizumi, Carly Olson, Alex Ross, Christopher Beltz, Katharine Saunders, Will West, Jacob Ziegler, Jacob Zwart, Patrick Kelly & Ashley Trudeau
This database includes a wide variety of data from research by Stuart Jones, Chris Solomon, and colleagues on the MFE project beginning around 2010. The research focuses on lake ecosystems in the north-central United States, particularly at and near the UNDERC field station in northern Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan but also in Indiana and some other locations. Data are available from observational studies, lab experiments, and whole-lake experiments on hydrology; physical and...
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