Integrative analysis of a novel 5 methylated snoRNA genes prognostic signature in patients with glioma

Bing Zhao, Erbao Bian, Deran Zhang, Zhiwei Wang, Yu Wang, Zhigang Cheng, Zhihao Yang, Lianxin Li, Yinfei Zheng & Xiaoyu Yue
Supplementary Table 1 | Genes associated with risk scores.
Supplementary Table 2 | Expression levels and methylation levels of SNORA71B in gliomas (TCGA Database). Supplementary Table 3 | Fold change values of the 5 methylated snoRNA genes (TCGA Database).
Supplementary Table 4 | Methylation levels of five snoRNAs in gliomas (TCGA Database).
Supplementary Table 5 Clinic-pathological characteristics of 13 glioma patients.
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