Supplementary Material for Ultracentrifugation versus kit exosome isolation: nanoLC–MS and other tools reveal similar performance biomarkers, but also contaminations: supplementary material

Frøydis Sved Skottvoll, Henriette Engen Berg, Kamilla Bjørseth, Kaja Lund, Norbert Roos, Sara Bekhradnia, Bernd Thiede, Cecilie Sandberg, Einar Osland Vik-Mo, Hanne Roberg-Larsen, Bo Nyström, Elsa Lundanes & Steven Ray Wilson
Lay abstract
Exosomes are small vesicles that are released from biological cells. Exosomes are viewed as being tools for intracellular communication, and there is evidence that cancer cells can release exosomes to, for example, enable metastasis. Exosomes may be very useful for diagnostics, as the detection and characterization of exosomes may allow disease detection at early stages. However, exosomes must be isolated from blood or other biomaterials prior to analysis. This can be a challenging task,...
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