Structural basis for Fullerene geometry in a human endogenous retrovirus capsid

Oliver Acton, Tim Grant, Giuseppe Nicastro, Neil J Ball, David C Goldstone, Laura E Robertson, Kasim Sader, Andrea Nans, Andres Ramos, Jonathan P Stoye, Ian A Taylor & Peter B Rosenthal
The HML2 (HERV-K) group constitutes the most recently acquired family of human endogenous retroviruses, with many proviruses less than one million years old. Many maintain intact open reading frames and provirus expression together with HML2 particle formation are observed in early stage human embryo development and are associated with pluripotency as well as inflammatory disease, cancers and HIV-1 infection. Here, we reconstruct the core structural protein (CA) of an HML2 retrovirus, assemble particles in vitro...
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