CD1d-dependent rewiring of lipid metabolism in macrophages regulates innate immune responses.

Phillip M Brailey, Lauren Evans, Juan Carlos López-Rodríguez, Anthony Sinadinos, Victoria Tyrrel, Gavin Kelly, Valerie O'Donnell, Peter Ghazal, Susan John & Patricia Barral
Alterations in cellular metabolism underpin macrophage activation, yet little is known regarding how key immunological molecules regulate metabolic programs in macrophages. Here we uncover a function for the antigen presenting molecule CD1d in the control of lipid metabolism. We show that CD1d-deficient macrophages exhibit a metabolic reprogramming, with a downregulation of lipid metabolic pathways and an increase in exogenous lipid import. This metabolic rewiring primes macrophages for enhanced responses to innate signals, as CD1d-KO cells...
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