High-throughput proteomics of nanogram-scale samples with Zeno SWATH MS.

Ziyue Wang, Michael Mülleder, Ihor Batruch, Anjali Chelur, Kathrin Textoris-Taube, Torsten Schwecke, Johannes Hartl, Jason Causon, Jose Castro-Perez, Vadim Demichev, Stephen Tate & Markus Ralser
The possibility to record proteomes in high throughput and at high quality has opened new avenues for biomedical research, drug discovery, systems biology, and clinical translation. However, high-throughput proteomic experiments often require high sample amounts and can be less sensitive compared to conventional proteomic experiments. Here, we introduce and benchmark Zeno SWATH MS, a data-independent acquisition technique that employs a linear ion trap pulsing (Zeno trap pulsing) to increase the sensitivity in high-throughput proteomic experiments....
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