STIMULATE-ICP-Delphi (symptoms, trajectory, inequalities and management: Understanding long-COVID to address and transform existing integrated care pathways Delphi): Study protocol.

Christina M van der Feltz-Cornelis, Jennifer Sweetman, Gail Allsopp, Emily Attree, Michael G Crooks, Daniel J Cuthbertson, Denise Forshaw, Mark Gabbay, Angela Green, Melissa Heightman, Toby Hillman, Lyth Hishmeh, Kamlesh Khunti, Gregory YH Lip, Paula Lorgelly, Hugh Montgomery, W David Strain, Emma Wall, Caroline Watkins, Nefyn Williams, Dan G Wootton, Amitava Banerjee & STIMULATE-ICP Consortium
INTRODUCTION: As mortality rates from COVID-19 disease fall, the high prevalence of long-term sequelae (Long COVID) is becoming increasingly widespread, challenging healthcare systems globally. Traditional pathways of care for Long Term Conditions (LTCs) have tended to be managed by disease-specific specialties, an approach that has been ineffective in delivering care for patients with multi-morbidity. The multi-system nature of Long COVID and its impact on physical and psychological health demands a more effective model of holistic,...
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