Divergent mutational processes distinguish hypoxic and normoxic tumours

Vinayak Bhandari, Constance H Li, Robert G Bristow, Paul C Boutros, Lauri A Aaltonen, Federico Abascal, Adam Abeshouse, Hiroyuki Aburatani, David J Adams, Nishant Agrawal, Keun Soo Ahn, Sung-Min Ahn, Hiroshi Aikata, Rehan Akbani, Kadir C Akdemir, Hikmat Al-Ahmadie, Sultan T Al-Sedairy, Fatima Al-Shahrour, Malik Alawi, Monique Albert, Kenneth Aldape, Ludmil B Alexandrov, Adrian Ally, Kathryn Alsop, Eva G Alvarez … & Christian von Mering
Many primary tumours have low levels of molecular oxygen (hypoxia), and hypoxic tumours respond poorly to therapy. Pan-cancer molecular hallmarks of tumour hypoxia remain poorly understood, with limited comprehension of its associations with specific mutational processes, non-coding driver genes and evolutionary features. Here, as part of the ICGC/TCGA Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG) Consortium, which aggregated whole genome sequencing data from 2658 cancers across 38 tumour types, we quantify hypoxia in 1188 tumours spanning...
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