EMODnet MedSea CheckPoint Literature Survey

Eric Moussat, Nadia Pinardi, Giuseppe Manzella, Emanuela Clementi, Joaquin Tintore, Lluis Gomez-Pujol, Gianna Fabi, Giuseppe Scarcella, Stefania Sparnocchia, Fabio Raicich, Federico Falcini & Sofia Reizopoulou
The EMODnet Mediterranean Sea (MedSea) Checkpoint Literature Survey was carried out from January to September 2014 in order to answer the following questions: is there an overview of data appropriateness and availability? Can any statement of fitness for purpose be made? This Literature Survey summarizes the first substantial attempt to classify the input data sets existing at the Mediterranean Sea level and it explains a methodological framework for the nomenclature, metadata collection and the result...
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