Individual Brain Charting: HCP Social task

A. Pinho, A. Amadon, T. Ruest, M. Fabre, E. Dohmatob, I. Denghien, C. Ginisty, S. Becuwe-Desmidt, S. Roger, L. Laurier, V. Joly-Testault, G. Médiouni-Cloarec, C. Doublé, B. Martins, P. Pinel, E. Eger, G. Varoquaux, C. Pallier, S. Dehaene, L. Hertz-Pannier & B. Thirion
This dataset contains functional magnetic resonance images (fMRIs) of 12 subjects performing HCP Social task that intended to provide evidence for brain activity related to social cognition. The paradigm included two categories of blocks, in which movies were presented during short epochs. The movies consisted in triangle-shape clip art, moving in a predetermined fashion. Putative social interactions could be inferred from movements in the so-called social condition. In contrast, objects appeared to be randomly moving...
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