Density measurements of different receptors for CA1 (Hippocampus) [human, v1.0]

N. Palomero-Gallagher & K. Zilles
This dataset contains the densities (in fmol/mg protein) of receptors for classical neurotransmitters in CA1 (Hippocampus) obtained by means of quantitative _in vitro_ autoradiography. The receptor densities are visualized as _fingerprints_ (**fp**), which provide the mean density and standard deviation for each of the analyzed receptor types, averaged across samples. Overview of available measurements [ **receptor** \| **_neurotransmitter_** \| _labeling agent_ ]: **AMPA** \| **_glutamate_** \| _[3H]AMPA_ **kainate** \| **_glutamate_** \| _[3H]kainate_ **NMDA** \| **_glutamate_**...
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