Individual Brain Charting: ARCHI emotional

A. Pinho, A. Amadon, T. Ruest, M. Fabre, E. Dohmatob, I. Denghien, C. Ginisty, S. Becuwe-Desmidt, S. Roger, L. Laurier, V. Joly-Testault, G. Médiouni-Cloarec, C. Doublé, B. Martins, P. Pinel, E. Eger, G. Varoquaux, C. Pallier, S. Dehaene, L. Hertz-Pannier & B. Thirion
This dataset contains functional magnetic resonance images (fMRIs) of 12 subjects that investigates cognitive-emotional processes on perception of faces and expressions. The paradigm was arranged in blocks that comprised sets of trials. Two categories of conditions can be highlighted from the paradigm: (1) the face-task category and (2) the eye-task category. Both categories involved self-reply according to the stimulus presented at every condition. The face-task category consisted in the presentation of human faces, whereas the...
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