In-depth characterization of striatal neurons in non-human primates using single-cell RNA-seq

E. Hinkley, S. Warnat-Herresthal, K. Händler, A. Ulusoy, S. Bourry, S. Weber, J. L. Lanciego Pérez, D. A. Di Monte, J. L. Schultze & M. Beyer
The goal was to define the cellular subpopulation structure in the striatum of non-human primates (NHP) and the characterization of the functional and pathologic changes associated with nigro-striatal denervation and L-dopa treatment for striatal neurons and interneurons. Therefore, after isolation of NeunN-expressing nuclei from fresh-frozen striatal tissues (putamen and caudate nucleus), nuclei were used to generate single-cell transcriptomes using a commercial microwell-based assay. After library preparation and sequencing, the generated data were further processed and...
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