Neurotransmitter receptors and ion channels in the somatosensory of C57BL/J6 mice

R. Luján
This dataset contains tables and histograms showing the density, expressed as number of immunoparticles/µm2) of several neurotransmitter receptors subtypes (GABAB receptors and mGlu5 receptors) and ion channel subtypes/subunits (GIRK2 channels, SK2 channels and Cav2.1 channels) along different compartments of the axo-somato-dendritic domains of pyramidal cells in a given cortical layer. We used cutting-edge experimental immunolocalization approaches, the SDS freeze-fracture labelling (SDS-FRL) in the somatosensory cortex of 4 week-old C57BL/J6 mice. The dataset also contains tables...
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