Probability map of bundle rh_Or-Ins_0 (atlas of superficial white matter fibre bundles, version 2018)

M. Guevara, C. Román, J. Houenou, D. Duclap, C. Poupon, J. F. Mangin & P. Guevara
This data contains the probability map of a short fibre bundle connecting the right hemisphere Pars Orbitalis and Insula regions of the Desikan-Killiany atlas, in the MNI ICBM152 reference brain. This bundle was identified using a hybrid approach, incorporating anatomical information (from cortical regions of interest) and fibre shape (fibre clustering), from the tractography datasets of 78 subjects in the Neurospin’s ARCHI database. The map shows the probability of finding a fibre belonging to the...
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