Densities and 3D distributions of synapses using FIB/SEM imaging in the human neocortex (Trans entorhinal cortex, TEC)

L. Alonso-Nanclares, L. Blazquez-Llorca, M. Dominguez-Alvaro, M. Montero-Crespo, J.R. Rodriguez & J. DeFelipe
Synapses have been identified, segmented and quantified in the human neocortex (trans entorhinal cortex, TEC) with 3D electron microscopy (FIB-SEM). Layer II of the TEC has been studied. 5 cases have been used (AB1, AB2, IF10, M16 and M17) to achieve a total of 15 valid images stacks. Data obtained include the number of asymmetric and symmetric synapses, their sizes and their spatial distribution. The distribution of their post-synaptic targets has also been determined.
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