Cocoa mirid attractiveness by different colour of trap

Hermine Mahot, Joseph R. Mahob, David R. Hall, Sarah E.J. Arnold, Apollin K. Fotso, Gertrude Membang, Nathalie Ewane, Adolph Kemga, Komi K.M. Fiaboe, Charles F.B. Bilong & Rachid Hanna
Cocoa mirids, Sahlbergella singularis and Distantiella theobroma, are the most economically important insect pests of cocoa in West and Central Africa, where they can cause up to 40% losses in cocoa yields. Sahlbergella singularis is the most common species in Cameroon and was therefore targeted in this study. During a two-year trial in 15 cocoa plantations in Ayos and Konye, in the Centre and Southwest regions of Cameroon respectively, the most effective colour – white,...
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