Synergistic effects of polyploidization and elicitation on biomass and hyoscyamine content in hairy roots of Datura stramonium

Ouarda Belabbassi, Majda Khelifi-Slaoui, Djamila Zaoui, Roukia Benyammi, Nadra Khalfallah, Sonia Malik, Abdullah Makhzoum & Lakhdar Khelifi
Description of the subject. The hyoscyamine, a tropane alkaloid, widely used in medicine, can be produced from Datura sp. (Solanaceae). However, its content in the spontaneous roots remains low; therefore, hairy roots (HRs) were envisaged as a potential alternative to improve its biosynthesis. The hairy roots are characterized by a good genetic stability and a rapid growth. Indeed, Datura stramonium HRs have widely been studied in the perspective of improving the yield of hyoscyamine. This...
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