Slovo istiny = [The word of truth], no. 5-6 [incomplete]

Timo , P.V. Pavlov, A.I. Shale, Michael Timoshenko, Comus, Ulyanov, Vladimir (Lenin), N. Gorbunov, L. Fotieva, П.В. Тимо: Павлов, А.И. Шалье, Михаил Тимошенко, Комус, Ульянов, В. (Ленин), Н. Горбунов & Л. Фотиева
Contents: In the field of God (Tuchi. / Timo -- Freedom of conscience on the tests / P.V. Pavlov -- On board of the Council of the Baptist Union / Secretary A.I. Shale -- Memory of the dead brothers: My journey, October 7, to December 7, 1920 / Michael Timoshenko -- The decree of the commissioners / Chairman of the Board of the people Comus, V[ladimir] Ulyanov (Lenin), Managing Director N. Gorbunov, Secretary L. Fotieva,...
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