RING5^ (MEINE DGS – annotiert. Öffentliches Korpus der Deutschen Gebärdensprache, 2. Release)

Reiner Konrad, Thomas Hanke, Gabriele Langer, Dolly Blanck, Julian Bleicken, Ilona Hofmann, Olga Jeziorski, Lutz König, Susanne König, Rie Nishio, Anja Regen, Uta Salden, Sven Wagner & Satu Worseck
Ein Type aus der Annotation von MEINEDGS mit allen seinen Tokens aus MEINEDGS: The Public DGS Corpus consists of more than 50 hours of video data from the DGS-Korpus project made available together with annotations for research purposes. In this project, data were collected all across Germany in the timeframe 2010-2012. The public corpus shows 330 informants in 4 different age groups (from 18 years on) from 13 different regions. All parts are conversations between...
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