Microwave Radiometer Observations during FESSTVaL 2021

Ulrich Löhnert, Christine Knist, Tobias Böck & Bernhard Pospichal
This data set contains level1 (brightness temperatures) and level2 (retrieved meteorological variables) of the four ground-based microwave radiometers (MWR) measuring during FESSTVaL 2021 (May-August) at Lindenberg (2 MWR, dwd and uzk), Falkenberg (1 MWR, uzk) and Birkholz (1 MWR, uhh). For each MWR you find up to seven data file types. Up to two level1 data file types: arbritrary viewing direction (e.g. *mwr00_l1_tb_*) and boundary layer scans (e.g. *mwrBL00_l1_tb_*) Up to five level2 data file...
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