Dicta-Sign – Use of a Multilingual Corpus to Improve Sign Language Technology

Thomas Hanke, Silke Matthes, Jakob Storz, Satu Worseck, Richard Bowden, Annelies Braffort, Christophe Collet, Helen Cooper, Eleni Efthimiou, Stravroula-Evita Fotinea, John Glauert, Petros Maragos & Julia Pelhate
Dicta-Sign is a three-year EU-funded research project which started in January 2009. It aims to improve online communication for Deaf people by promoting the development of sign language based web applications. It will research and develop recognition and synthesis systems for sign languages at a level of detail necessary for recognising and generating authentic signing. The project deals with four European sign languages: British (BSL), German (DGS), Greek (GSL) and French (LSF). As one of...
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