The Aksumite Collection or Codex Σ (Sinodos of Qǝfrǝyā , MS C3-IV-71/C3-IV-73, Ethio- SPaRe UM-039): Codicological and Palaeographical Observations. With a Note on Material Analysis of Inks

Alessandro Bausi, Antonella Brita, Marco Di Bella, Denis Nosnitsin, Nikolas Sarris & Ira Rabin
The manuscript known as the Aksumite Collection (Sinodos of Qǝfrǝyā, MS C3-IV-71/C3-IV-73, Ethio-SPaRe UM-039) is one of the most important—if not the most important—Gǝʿǝz manuscripts which have come to scholarly attention in the last twenty years. While its textual content—primarily the complex canonical-liturgical collection, closely depending on late antique models, which it attests—has already been
the subject of several contributions, a description of physical and material features of the manuscript has not yet been published....
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