The Cosmogrid Simulation: Statistical Properties of Small Dark Matter Halos 1024³ resolution

Tomoaki Ishiyama, Steven Rieder, Junichiro Makino, Simon Portegies Zwart, Derek Groen, Keigo Nitadori, Cees De Laat, Stephen McMillan, Kei Hiraki & Stefan Harfst
We present the results of the "Cosmogrid" cosmological N-body simulation suites based on the concordance LCDM model. The Cosmogrid simulation was performed in a 30Mpc box with 2048³ particles. The mass of each particle is 1.28 x 10^5 Msun, which is sufficient to resolve ultra-faint dwarfs. We found that the halo mass function shows good agreement with the Sheth & Tormen fitting function down to ~10^7 Msun. We have analyzed the spherically averaged density profiles...
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