Timed Action of IL-27 Protects from Immunopathology while Preserving Defense in Influenza

Francesca Diane M. Liu, Elisabeth E. Kenngott, Micha F. Schröter, Anja Kühl, Silke Jennrich, Ralf Watzlawick, Ute Hoffmann, Thorsten Wolff, Stephen Norley, Alexander Scheffold, Jason S. Stumhofer, Christiaan J. M. Saris, Jan M. Schwab, Christopher A. Hunter, Gudrun F. Debes & Alf Hamann
Infection with influenza virus can result in massive pulmonary infiltration and potentially fatal immunopathology. Understanding the endogenous mechanisms that control immunopathology could provide a key to novel adjunct therapies for this disease. Here we show that the cytokine IL-27 plays a crucial role in protection from exaggerated inflammation during influenza virus infection. Using Il-27ra−/− mice, IL-27 was found to limit immunopathology, neutrophil accumulation, and dampened TH1 or TH17 responses via IL-10–dependent and -independent pathways. Accordingly,...
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