Lymph-borne CD8α+ dendritic cells are uniquely able to cross-prime CD8+ T cells with antigen acquired from intestinal epithelial cells

V. Cerovic, S. A. Houston, J. Westlund, L. Utriainen, E. S. Davison, C. L. Scott, C. C. Bain, T. Joeris, W. W. Agace, Richard Kroczek, A. M. Mowat, U. Yrlid & S. W. F. Milling
Cross-presentation of cellular antigens is crucial for priming CD8+ T cells, and generating immunity to intracellular pathogens—particularly viruses. It is unclear which intestinal phagocytes perform this function in vivo. To address this, we examined dendritic cells (DCs) from the intestinal lymph of IFABP-tOVA 232-4 mice, which express ovalbumin in small intestinal epithelial cells (IECs). Among lymph DCs (LDCs) only CD103+ CD11b− CD8α+ DCs cross-present IEC-derived ovalbumin to CD8+ OT-I T cells. Similarly, in the mesenteric...
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