Different features of Vδ2 T and NK cells in fatal and non-fatal human Ebola infections

Eleonora Cimini, Domenico Viola, Mar Cabeza-Cabrerizo, Antonella Romanelli, Nicola Tumino, Alessandra Sacchi, Veronica Bordoni, Rita Casetti, Federica Turchi, Federico Martini, Joseph A. Bore, Fara Raymond Koundouno, Sophie Duraffour, Janine Michel, Tobias Holm, Elsa Gayle Zekeng, Lauren Cowley, Isabel Garcia Dorival, Juliane Doerrbecker, Nicole Hetzelt, Jonathan H. J. Baum, Jasmine Portmann, César Muñoz-Fontela & Chiara Agrati
Background: Human Ebola infection is characterized by a paralysis of the immune system. A signature of αβ T cells in fatal Ebola infection has been recently proposed, while the involvement of innate immune cells in the protection/pathogenesis of Ebola infection is unknown. Aim of this study was to analyze γδ T and NK cells in patients from the Ebola outbreak of 2014–2015 occurred in West Africa, and to assess their association with the clinical outcome....
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