Implementation of the European health interview survey (EHIS) into the German health update (GEDA)

Cornelia Lange, Jonas D. Finger, Jennifer Allen, Sabine Born, Jens Hoebel, Ronny Kuhnert, Stephan Müters, Jürgen Thelen, Patrick Schmich, Marike Varga, Elena Von Der Lippe, Matthias Wetzstein & Thomas Ziese
Background: This methodological paper describes the integration of the ‘European Health Interview Survey wave 2’ (EHIS 2) into the ‘German Health Update’ 2014/2015 (GEDA 2014/2015-EHIS). Methods: GEDA 2014/2015-EHIS is a cross-sectional health survey. A two-stage stratified cluster sampling approach was used to recruit persons aged 15 years and older with permanent residence in Germany. Two different modes of data collection were used, self-administered web questionnaire and self-administered paper questionnaire. The survey instrument implemented the EHIS...
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