MPA Portable: A Stand-Alone Software Package for Analyzing Metaproteome Samples on the Go

Thilo Muth, Fabian Kohrs, Robert Heyer, Dirk Benndorf, Erdmann Rapp, Udo Reichl, Lennart Martens & Bernhard Y. Renard
Metaproteomics, the mass spectrometry-based analysis of proteins from multispecies samples faces severe challenges concerning data analysis and results interpretation. To overcome these shortcomings, we here introduce the MetaProteomeAnalyzer (MPA) Portable software. In contrast to the original server-based MPA application, this newly developed tool no longer requires computational expertise for installation and is now independent of any relational database system. In addition, MPA Portable now supports state-of-theart database search engines and a convenient command line interface...
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