High genetic diversity of measles virus, World Health Organization European Region, 2005-2006

Jacques R. Kremer, Kevin E. Brown, Li Jin, Sabine Santibanez, Sergey V. Shulga, Yair Aboudy, Irina V. Demchyshyna & Annette Mankertz
During 2005-2006, nine measles virus (MV) genotypes were identified throughout the World Health Organization European Region. All major epidemics were associated with genotypes D4, D6, and B3. Other genotypes (B2, D5, D8, D9, G2, and H1) were only found in limited numbers of cases after importation from other continents. The genetic diversity of endemic D6 strains was low; genotypes C2 and D7, circulating in Europe until recent years, were no longer identified. The transmission chains...
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