Improving preparedness to respond to cross-border hepatitis A outbreaks in the European Union/European Economic Area: towards comparable sequencing of hepatitis A virus

Theresa Enkirch, Ettore Severi, Harry Vennema, Lelia Thornton, Jonathan Dean, Maria-Louise Borg, Anna Rita Ciccaglione, Roberto Bruni, Iva Christova, Siew Lin Ngui, Koye Balogun, Vratislav Němeček, Mia Kontio, Mária Takács, Andrea Hettmann, Rita Korotinska, Arthur Löve, Ana Avellón, Milagros Muñoz-Chimeno, Rita De Sousa, Denisa Janta, Jevgenia Epštein, Sofieke Klamer, Vanessa Suin, Stephan W. Aberle … & Katrin Leitmeyer
Introduction Sequence-based typing of hepatitis A virus (HAV) is important for outbreak detection, investigation and surveillance. In 2013, sequencing was central to resolving a large European Union (EU)-wide outbreak related to frozen berries. However, as the sequenced HAV genome regions were only partly comparable between countries, results were not always conclusive. Aim The objective was to gather information on HAV surveillance and sequencing in EU/European Economic Area (EEA) countries to find ways to harmonise their...
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