Genetic, Epigenetic and Phenotypic Diversity of Four Bacillus velezensis Strains Used for Plant Protection or as Probiotics

Oleg N. Reva, Dirk Z. H. Swanevelder, Liberata A. Mwita, Aneth David Mwakilili, Dillon Muzondiwa, Monique Joubert, Wai Yin Chan, Stefanie Lutz, Christian H. Ahrens, Lylia V. Avdeeva, Maksim A. Kharkhota, Donatha Tibuhwa, Sylvester Lyantagaye, Joachim Vater, Rainer Borriss & Johan Meijer
Bacillus velezensis strains are applied as ecologically safe biopesticides, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), and in veterinary probiotics. They are abundant in various environments including soil, plants, marine habitats, the intestinal micro-flora, etc. The mechanisms underlying this adaptive plasticity and bioactivity are not well understood, nor is it clear why several strains outperform other same species isolates by their bioactivities. The main objective of this work was to demonstrate versatility of bioactivities and lifestyle strategies...
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