S3 guideline for actinic keratosis and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma – short version, part 1: diagnosis, interventions for actinic keratoses, care structures and quality‐of‐care indicators

Markus V. Heppt, Ulrike Leiter, Theresa Steeb, Teresa Amaral, Andrea Bauer, Jürgen C. Becker, Eckhard Breitbart, Helmut Breuninger, Thomas Diepgen, Thomas Dirschka, Thomas Eigentler, Michael Flaig, Markus Follmann, Klaus Fritz, Rüdiger Greinert, Ralf Gutzmer, Uwe Hillen, Stephan Ihrler, Swen Malte John, Oliver Kölbl, Klaus Kraywinkel, Christoph Löser, Dorothée Nashan, Seema Noor, Monika Nothacker … & Claus Garbe
Actinic keratoses (AK) are common lesions in light‐skinned individuals that can potentially progress to cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC). Both conditions may be associated with significant morbidity and constitute a major disease burden, especially among the elderly. To establish an evidence‐based framework for clinical decision making, the guideline “actinic keratosis and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma” was developed using the highest level of methodology (S3) according to regulations issued by the Association of Scientific Medical Societies...
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