Utility of primary cells to examine NPC1 receptor expression in Mops condylurus, a potential Ebola virus reservoir

Marcel Bokelmann, Kathryn Edenborough, Nicole Hetzelt, Petra Kreher, Angelika Lander, Andreas Nitsche, Uwe Vogel, Heinz Feldmann, Emmanuel Couacy-Hymann & Andreas Kurth
The significance of the integral membrane protein Niemann-Pick C1 (NPC1) in the ebolavirus entry process has been determined using various cell lines derived from humans, non-human primates and fruit bats. Fruit bats have long been purported as the potential reservoir host for ebolaviruses, however several studies provide evidence that Mops condylurus, an insectivorous microbat, is also an ebolavirus reservoir. NPC1 receptor expression in the context of ebolavirus replication in microbat cells remains unstudied. In order...
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