BURDEN 2020—Burden of disease in Germany at the national and regional level

Alexander Rommel, Elena Von Der Lippe, Dietrich Plaß, Annelene Wengler, Aline Anton, Christian Schmidt, Katrin Schüssel, Gabriela Brückner, Helmut Schröder, Michael Porst, Janko Leddin, Myriam Tobollik, Jens Baumert, Christa Scheidt-Nave & Thomas Ziese
Background Evidence-based policy measures need non-interest-guided information about the health status of a population and the diseases that affect the population the most. In such cases, a national burden of disease study can provide reliable insights at the regional level. Aim This article presents the potential of the BURDEN 2020 project and its expected outcome for Germany at the national and regional level. Methods The BURDEN 2020 project uses several indicators including years of life...
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