Parasite detection in food: Current status and future needs for validation

Rachel M. Chalmers, Lucy J. Robertson, Pierre Dorny, Suzanne Jordan, Age Kärssin, Frank Katzer, Stéphanie La Carbona, Marco Lalle, Brian Lassen, Ivona Mladineo, Miroslaw Rozycki, Ewa Bilska-Zajac, Gereon Schares, Anne Mayer-Scholl, Chiara Trevisan, Kristoffer Tysnes, Sasa Vasilev & Christian Klotz
Background Many parasites (protozoa and helminths) can be transmitted through food and lead to infections with high morbidity, as well as disease outbreaks. Although the importance of foodborne parasites (FBP) is recognised by many sectors of the food industry, standardized analytical methods and validation procedures for testing food for FBP are lacking. Scope and approach:Current methods for detection of FBP, and their validation, are critically reviewed, focusing on priority FBP in Europe: the helminths Echinococcus...
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