Ficolin-2 Levels and FCN2 Haplotypes Influence Hepatitis B Infection Outcome in Vietnamese Patients.

Hoang V. Tong, Nguyen L. Toan, Le H. Song, Eman Abou Ouf, Thomas Bock, Peter G. Kremsner, Jürgen F. J. Kun & T.P. Velavan
Human Ficolin-2 (L-ficolins) encoded by FCN2 gene is a soluble serum protein that plays an important role in innate immunity and is mainly expressed in the liver. Ficolin-2 serum levels and FCN2 single nucleotide polymorphisms were associated to several infectious diseases. We initially screened the complete FCN2 gene in 48 healthy individuals of Vietnamese ethnicity. We genotyped a Vietnamese cohort comprising of 423 clinically classified hepatitis B virus patients and 303 controls for functional single...
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