Mesozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Tiefort Mountains, NE Mojave Desert, CA

Kirk A. Stephens
Detailed geologic mapping, petrologic and structural analyses, and U-Pb dating in the Tiefort Mountains, northern Mojave Desert, California, provide constraints on Paleozoic paleogeography and Mesozoic intra-arc tectonics. Geologic mapping in the Tiefort Mountains was used to identify metasedimentary, metaplutonic, and undeformed plutonic rocks. The metasedimentary rocks consist primarily of quartzose schists and gneisses that are correlated with the late-Precambrian Cordilleran miogeoclinal-cratonal sequence of the Johnnie Formation, Stirling Quartzite, and Wood Canyon Formation. Recognition of Precambrian...
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