Влияние некоторых факторов на живую массу жеребят новоалтайской породы при отъеме

Бордунов Алексей Александрович, Соколов Данил Вадимович, Гавриш Клавдия Анатольевна & Рудишина Наталья Михайловна
It was studied live weight of young stallions and fillies at the age of 6 months from breeding farms: OOO “Signal” of the Altai region (n=56), SEC “Amuh’ (n=65) and “Kyrlyk” of the Republic of Altai (n=123). A comparative assessment of live weight of offspring depending on the age of sires was done. It was revealed the tendency of increase in live weight of progeny with increase in age of sires from 5 to 10...
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