Assessment of the state of soils in specially protected natural reservations of the Kirov region

T. A. Adamovich, E. V. Tovstik, E. S Soloveva, T. Ya. Ashikhmina, G. I. Berezin, A. M. Prokashev & V. P. Savinykh
The assessment of the state of the specially protected natural areas (SPNA) of the regional (the “Pizhemsky” zakaznik) and of the federal significance (the “Nurgush” nature reserve) located in the Kirov region is given in the article. The predominant type of soils of the SPNRs under the study is alluvial turf soils, with strongly and slightly acidic reaction of the medium. The content of organic matter in the soils of the “Pizhemsky” zakaznik varies from...
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