The use of glauconite for stabilization and improvement of ammonium nitrate agrochemical properties

Yu.N. Terentyev, N. V. Syrchina, N.N. Bogatyryova, T.Ya. Ashikhmina, A.V. Sazanov, M.L. Sazanova, V.N. Pugach, V.A. Kozvonin & A.A. Burkov
The development of new forms of nitrogen-containing mineral fertilizers comporting with world safety standards is currently quite a relevant problem. Existing forms of combined fertilizers including ammonium nitrate and carbonates have a number of disadvantages (hygroscopicity, caking, partial ammonium nitrogen decline). Therefore active search of new components with certain advantages is conducted. At the same time, their inclusion into the fertilizers’ composition should ensure a high level of plants’ nitrogen assimilation, exclude environmental pollution and...
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